BACKGROUND: Introduction/About us

The John Ngugi Foundation is a non profit making organization which was registered in Kenya in 2004. Founded by former international long distance running champion John Ngugi, the foundation is run by a committee with Ngugi as the Chairman.

John Ngugi, HCS,SS

As you might know, John Ngugi was the first Kenyan ever to win gold in the World Cross Country Championships in 1986. He went on to win the race for four consecutive years. He was the first man in the world to have won the race for five times. He also won Olympic gold in Seoul, Korea and many other medals for Kenya before retiring in 1992. Ngugi was the Assistant Technical Advisor 2007 Mombasa World Cross Country Championships. He has been awarded the Honor of State’s Commendation and the Silver Star of Kenya by President Daniel Arap Moi and is a Universal Peace Federation Ambassador.

Our theme

Run to Learn. As we run, we learn and adhere to our core values, Integrity, Teamwork, Valuing skills and mutual respect.

Our objectives are to:

 Discover and nurture young sporting talent in athletics.

 Establish a well equipped high altitude training facility in Mount Kenya region.

 Organize various racing competitions in the country in order to foster peace and understanding in the community.

 Work with the youth in our program in environmental causes such as conservation, tree planting, waste management etc. We hope to focus on areas like Kenya’s central region. The region has in the recent past been in the news for alcoholism and drug abuse. In partnering with individuals and organizations who are working in areas of youth empowerment, we feel that our activities will encourage the target group to stay away from the vice.

 Establish a fund to educate talented youth in our program who are from poor backgrounds.

 Promote sports tourism through athletics

Implementation of the programme

The Foundation seeks to manage professionally, training with a focus on developing quality athletic talent in the country, through working with schools, NGOs, Churches, Corporate bodies and the community. We will hold regular races involving the community so as to raise awareness about the importance of athletics as a career and other socio-economic issues.

By so doing, we seek to help the young achieve their dreams. We also aim to produce world class runners who will represent the country in various international athletic competitions.

John Ngugi Foundation_about us6


In order to achieve our objectives, we need funding and sponsorship. Sponsorship can come in many forms, some of which are listed below:

1. Sponsoring the Foundation directly to enable it to organize regular races in the community

2. Funding the purchase of land, construction and running of a high altitude training camp.

3. Providing funds for sponsoring under-privileged yet talented runners.

4. Funding the running of the foundation’s secretariat.

5. By funding the purchase of equipment, games kit, trophies, etc.

6. By sponsoring environmental causes.

7. Sponsoring media promotion and material such as t-shirts, caps, refreshments, first aid kit etc. during and for competitions

8. By sponsoring a mentorship program whereby current world champions, veteran runners guide and mentor the upcoming young runners.

Our forums will bring together stakeholders namely, community, community workers, administration, religious leaders and policy makers and others in order to strategize on how to occupy the youth and at the same time engage in activities that can be beneficial to them.

Through sports activities, the youth will not only improve their well being, they will have a deeper sense of self esteem and become responsible beings who will nurture their own talent in athletics or other areas.

We Value Your Contribution

The John Ngugi Foundation is raising about $500,000 to complete a well equipped, high altitude residential training camp in Central Region. We greatly appreciates your generous contributions, Prayers and Good will.Its your continued support that helps us reach our to the less fortunate in the society and nurture the talents of our youth.Asante sana

PROJECT ACTIVITIES: Workshops for managers   |   Training of trainers  |   Road and track and marathon races

Conclusion : A lot of talent is going to waste, either undiscovered or,when discovered is not given the right training and competing opportunities. Thus, many young people miss career opportunities in athletics which abound and are very rewarding. Together, we can rectify this situation by giving those young people an environment to nurture their talent.

Together, we can make a difference by creating jobs.

John Ngugi, Chairman – The John Ngugi Foundation